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Museum Mishap May Explain Disappearance

posted Apr 30, 2016, 2:37 PM by MoreCity Bricks
While residents of MoreCityBricks are reeling over the disappearance of not one, but three local businesses, rumors have started circulating that the latest incident may be more than a simple case of a business owner relocating.

"I heard screams coming from the museum last night," said Rosy Nosey who lives next door to the now vacant Natural History Museum location. "I probably should have called the police, but I really thought it was just a television or something."

Firemen were on duty all night at the Fire Brigade just steps away from the museum. No one reported any unusual noises or suspicious vehicles.

"The first clue we had that anything was wrong was when we walked outside this morning and saw this big empty lot," said Fire Chief Reel Smoky. "There was no indication of trouble all night."

"Maybe the dino ate the lady," said onlooker Elaine Benes. "And then he left town. With his museum."

A photo of a paleontologist being eaten by a dinosaur began circulating early this morning. While the photo cannot be authenticated, sources close to the investigation say the woman in the photo is not a museum worker.

"Her face is partially obstructed in the photo," said an analyst, "but she appears to be the paleontologist from the Research Institute, not the MoreCityBricks paleontologist."

Further investigation revealed a series of photos featuring the same woman and dinosaur in various states of playful poses. "The photos are likely a hoax," said Detective Chase McCain. "Who ever heard of a skeleton eating a minifigure?"


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