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The Highlander Luggage Shoppe is now serving MoreCityBricks

posted Mar 6, 2017, 2:51 PM by MoreCity Bricks
Taking a trip? Need a new backpack? The Highlander has you covered.

With everything from briefcases to umbrellas, the new shop meets a critical need for local residents.

"I haven't been able to travel in years," said Nita Journey. "I came here without any luggage and haven't been able to find a bag anywhere! There's plenty of coffee and scads of books, but until today there was not a suitcase to be found!"

Mayor Builder was quick to point out that the upper floors of the industrial style building are vacant and available for rent as apartment space or a loft-style office. "It's a great space," said the Mayor. "Absolutely perfect for an artist's loft or something along those lines."

Unconfirmed reports claim that Bob Ross the minifigure is looking to rent the space as soon as his hair arrives in MoreCityBricks.