Art Gallery Opens on Original Avenue

MoreCityBricks residents are expected to turn out in droves this Friday night for the grand opening of Gallerie Picasso. 

"We have had a crowd gathered outside our front window since we hung our first painting," said gallery owner Pablo P. Casso.  "When we open the doors for the first time, I think we'll be absolutely packed!"

The gallery is home to more than a dozen modern art masterpieces with more work in progress in the artist's third floor studio.

"I love the studio," said Casso. "Some days I work inside. Some days I work out on the veranda. But everyday I am inspired by this beautiful city."

While the museum does not officially open until Friday, Casso has promised a sneak peak at the current collection tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. with a catered brunch on the patio for VIPs.


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