The MoreCityBricks Courthouse is Now Open

Residents of MoreCityBricks can now take their complaints to the top. The Courthouse opened for business recently after outraged residents voiced their concerns that it was too difficult to pay their taxes and sue their neighbors without a local courthouse.

"We're glad to finally have a place to take our litigation," said local attorney Hal Cheetum. "I wouldn't be surprised if this move doesn't bring a huge influx of law offices and bail bondsmen around the square."

Mayor Builder was quick to point out that MoreCityBricks is a peaceful place. With no police department in town and no jail cells in the new courthouse, the mayor expects that only civil cases will be heard in the courthouse. "Simple matters like property lines and building code violations are the chief complaints found here in town," the mayor said.

On a side note, the mayor pointed out that no one in town should ever be late for anything again as the new courthouse has a huge clock tower with four gigantic clock faces presenting the current time to virtually everyone.


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