The Police Brick

I’ve never met anyone who enjoys putting stickers on Lego bricks, but I’ve seen a lot of lopsided and wrinkled up stickers that take the fun right out of a brand-new Lego set. With this year’s police sets, Lego has done a beautiful thing and printed a Police brick to take the frustration out of stickering a few bricks!

The new brick currently appears in five sets:

I built the 2022 Police Car with the new printed brick. The brick is awesome, but I souped up the car a bit with some curved slopes and miscellaneous pieces from my Lego collection. And I added a seat for the driver. I've never met a cop who sits on the floor of his police cruiser.

I always prefer a printed brick over a sticker sheet, so the sticker-free Police brick is definitely one of my favorite things.


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