Lego Central Perk as a Modular Building

When I bought Lego Central Perk (Ideas 21319), I knew beforehand that it would reside inside a modular building. The display set is nice, but for the gang from Friends to live in Lego City, they need  a roof over their heads - and walls on all four sides!

Lego Central Perk Streetview

Fitting Central Perk inside a standard 32-stud modular building was a tall order and a tight squeeze. By shortening the sofa and squaring things up, most of the goodies made it inside.

Lego Central Perk Modular Interior View

The second floor features Joey and Chandler's apartment - complete with two bedrooms, the foosball table, and the infamous recliners.

The top floor is Rachel and Monica's apartment with the slanted windows in the living room, access to the balcony, and, of course, two bedrooms. 

Lego Central Perk Building Front View


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