Re-making Elmo's bed

I love the design of Bert and Ernie's beds in the LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street set. Downstairs in Elmo's room, the bed is amazing for furniture made out of primary blue bricks, but for my purposes it needed a few updates:

  1. I like furniture to be movable so a Lego house can change with the times. Elmo's bed is anchored to the floor with tiles serving as the legs of the bed. 
  2. The chunky posts on the headboard are a little too chunky for my liking.
  3. I prefer the recessed pillows on Bert and Ernie's beds
I disconnected Elmo's bed from the floor and attached feet to the bottom so the bed is now movable. I also swapped out the posts on the headboard for a less chunky version that better suits my style. 

Finally, I swapped the light azure blanket for a dark azure build using curved slopes with recessed studs that leave room for the pillow to sit down a bit. I also prefer the white pillow/sheet line separating the headboard from the bedspread.

You'll find step-by-step instructions for the original version on the LEGO website - (look for instructions for set 21324). Here are the pieces used in my modified design:

Happy building!


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