Rex Lives!

 After much digging, sifting, and careful assembly work, the tyrannosaurus rex, affectionately known as Rex, was finally unveiled to the public.

"It's an incredible accomplishment," said Mayor Builder. "To find all of the pieces, to put them back together in a way that clearly represents all that this animal used to be. It's simply incredible. My hat goes off to everyone who had a hand in creating this fantastic display of ancient LEGO history."

The skeletal remains of Rex were located at a construction site on Original Avenue earlier this year, bring an end to the commercial development that had been underway.

"It's a shame that this piece of architecture won't come to fruition," said Dan Handy. "We had the plans drawn up, the site picked out, and materials on site. But tomorrow is another day."

Locals say the dig sight is an unsightly mess that is decreasing their property values and cutting into their enjoyment of the city and its many amenities.

"The bus can't come down this street any more," said one resident. "The kids could fall in that hole and be injured. It's an eye-sore and a safety hazard."

Mayor Builder urges residents to remain calm and wait to see what the future holds for Original Avenue.

"There is a lot of potential here," said the Mayor. "That site is still giving up secrets of the past. You never know what lies beneath."


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